Our Mission


The Alabama State Trooper Association consists of more than one thousand members who are active or retired employees of Alabama Law Enforcement Agency (previously Alabama Department of Public Safety) and retired Alabama State Troopers.

The goals of the Alabama State Trooper Association are as follows:

  • To advance the principles of proper law enforcement and to protect the community and rights of all citizens of the State of Alabama.

  • To support in every way the continuing betterment of criminal and civil justice in the State of Alabama and the United States of America.

  • To actively support legislation that betters law enforcement and to provide information to the membership on legislation that relates thereto, or that affects them as members.

  • To actively represent, as an association, the good of the membership hereof in legislation or in opposition to legislation, or in any other matter directly affecting the membership when directed to do so by a vote of the Board of Directors.

  • To remember at all times that we are arresting officers with sworn duty to enforce the law under all circumstances and that we shall never strike, form picket lines, threaten to strike or by any concerted action cause, or attempt to cause, directly or indirectly, a cessation of police duties anywhere. This association shall not have any affiliation, directly or indirectly, with any labor union, either actively or passively, at any time. It is not the purpose of this Association to set policy or procedure within the Alabama Law Enforcement Agency as that responsibility lies with the Secretary of Law Enforcement, the Governor, and Executive Branch of our State Government. This will not prohibit the President of ASTA from any discussion with the Secretary of Law Enforcement on any matters concerning the Association.